About Me

nottrashyabout.jpgMy name is Meghan Huynh and my youngest brother calls me a hippie.

I was offended until I realize that I do have hippie-like tendencies, so I’m embracing it! But let’s disregard my temporary but seemingly permanent stay at casa de parents. This is just me being resourceful.

I just do things that “normal” people would not do. I will carry around a reusable water bottle and refuse your offer for a plastic one. I will ask my waiter not to bring me a straw, knowing people will look at me weird. I will refuse a plastic bag from the store and carry out to my car: a bottle of apple cider vinegar in one hand and a jar of coconut oil in the other. That actually happened once!

I believe we can all respect our earth and ourselves a little more so I created this blog to share with anyone willing to read, that you can have your own set of beliefs and take action.

The purpose of my blog is to share what I am learning from living life the way I want. I’m not afraid to be different. I’m 24 and I am trying to commit to a zero waste lifestyle, my way. I’m a minimalist trying to suppress everything I learned as a child about be a hoarder.

I call this “not trashy” because it says it all. I’m not going to waste my time on garbage anymore: physical garbage, emotional garbage, and metaphorical garbage.

There are more important things in life than worrying about things that just do not matter.