Our Lazy habits are bad for the Earth

Our laziness as humans DO have a negative environmental impact. I’m not a crazy person and I will be the first to admit that I am lazy as fuck.

I like my naps. I never clean my room. Doing the dishes is equivalent to walking out in the rain wearing flip flops and short shorts. It sucks…

The point is we consume  to our heart’s desire without opening our eyes to the global impact of our daily decisions. We search for disposable options because the long way around takes more energy. We prioritize convenience over hard work and it is costing us big time. 

It was uncomfortable when I realized that much of my trash was made up of disposable items.  Those one and done solutions are quite convenient but not worth it…at least not to me.

Below are a list of disposable items that are clogging up our waste programs. We don’t realize we do it but we know our intention is to make our lives easier. Easier doesn’t mean better. 

Individual floss picks:

They’re the best! But they’re actually the worst!  Those things are almost 90% plastic and 10% floss. The last time I went to the dentist, they recommended I use them so that I would be more responsible with flossing. We use them and toss them, but they never leave the earth, I promise you.

Too lazy to wrap a string around two fingers? Keep using them.

Makeup wipes:

These wipes are actually not good for your skin, yet people still use them. Some actually burn sensitive skin and don’t necessarily get all the makeup off. But we buy them to put next to our beds to encourage us to take our makeup off at night. Not to mention, the wipes themselves are made of synthetic materials and don’t biodegrade. These too, never leave the earth.

Just wash your face…

Dryer sheets

These are a product of very good persuasive marketing in the 50s. You don’t need them in your laundry. Fabric softener actually ruin your clothes because they loosen the fibers in your fabrics. The sheets too are made of synthetic materials.

Here are some solutions:

Zero Waste/Minimalist: Wool balls can be thrown in the dryer to reduce static cling and you can add essential oils for a nice scent.

Vegan: Add Vinegar to your rinse cycle.

Water bottles

Not to call out my sister, but I’m calling her out. She lives one floor below the kitchen and across from a private bathroom. She brought home a case of water bottles and I offered her my Brita so she doesn’t have to buy them. Her response was that she’s too lazy to go all the way upstairs for water. We all know these suck, and yes, we can recycle them. But only 30% of recycled plastic bottles are actually produced into new materials. 

Best to avoid them if you can because you can get clean water anywhere. That’s a luxury that many people on this earth do not have.

Paper and plastic coffee cups

The drive thru was a magical invention. It allowed for a high turnover at fast food restaurants and customers don’t have to leave their cars. I won’t get into how bad fast food is for your health. There is not enough time in the world. The main point is that you receive your order in disposables. Paper and plastic. We eat and toss. 

But doing this every day means that you’re adding to landfills every day. Paper coffee cups are actually not recyclable because of the plastic film on the inside of them. 

So say no to the “one and done” and be less trashy homies. 


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